Moving Forwards (Midnight Notes)

Seminar series and symposium with presentations by Franco Berardi (IT), Silvia Federici (US), George Caffentzis (US), Peter Linebough (US), Mayday Rooms, London, Trambolin huset (DK), Crisis Mirror (DK).

We live in a time of crisis, a time of exhaustion and a time of transformation. Ever since the 1970′s, the neoliberal regime has been waging a war against people and nature in many parts of the world, only now the time has come for a full-scale attack on the workforces in Europe and we begin to feel the capitalist crisis in our own lives. But this crisis is not only an economic crisis caused and cultivated by a few greedy financial speculators, it is a crisis that has deep roots and effects us both socially, culturally and psychologically – some would argue that it effects most things as we know them, including our creativity and visions for another possible world. According to Italian theorist and activist Franco Bifo Berardi, we are no longer able to create fantasies, we loose our emotions and the very concept of ‘the future’ has been totally undermined – all that is left is a system of virtual life and actual death. Running for a period of 5 months, the course offered a space to collectively think of what it means to be living, working and thinking as artists and cultural producers in the context of this crisis. What impact does the crisis have on our lives and work? How does it effect politics and the arts, our potential for action? How can we take on the challenges it poses, and – even more importantly, what possibilities could it offer? – Crisis Mirror, 2013

The project was co-organised by Sidsel Meineche Hansen; Mayday Rooms; Openhagen; Nils Norman and students in the school of Walls and Space. It was hosted by school of Walls and Space, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Art between July and Feb., 2013.