Towards a Physiological Novel B.L.

Hosted by X marks the Bokship, London (23rd of March – 5th of July, 2011)

Towards a Physiological Novel was a series of series of 8 bi-weekly talks, initiated by Sidsel Meineche Hansen, on the subject of communication and Angst and the production of noise and nervousness in an electronic era. The series brought together a diverse range of theoreticians, artists and fiction writers whose works’ provide a flexible foundation for dealing with these ideas. In addition, the seminar situation it self, operated as a mode of research for examining how information circulates – how it, in physiological terms, is embodied, consumed and disseminated in our current society.


#1.“Dissonance at the Threshold; or Interfering in Systems Thinking.”
Speaker: Matthew Clements. Phd. Candidate at the London Consortium.

#2.“Medieval Scandinavianism: Asger Jorn’s search for a Vandalist Aesthetics.”
Speaker: Niels Henriksen. Art historian and critic. Ph.D. candidate at Princeton University in New Jersey, USA.

#3.“The Artistic Dérivative, or Some Things I Learned About Life and Labor from a Dead Hare.”
Speaker: Stevphen Shukaitis. Writer and lecturer at the Essex Business School at the Univer- sity of Essex. Part of the editorial collective Autonomedia and founder of the London based imprint Minor Compositions.

#4.“Søren Kierkegaard on Trauma: The Concept of Anxiety as a Theory of Traumatic Time.”
Speaker: Isak Winkel Holm. Ph.D, Associate Professor at Department for Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen. Author of: Thinking in Images: The Poetics of Søren Ki- erkegaard. Current research focuses on: “Disaster Fiction”, and “Kafka: Forms of Injustice”.

#5.“Mothercraft Books and the Physiology of Reproduction.”
Speaker: Jesse Olszynko-Gryn. PhD student in the Cambridge Department of University Department of History and Philosophy of Science. Current research focuses on the history of pregnancy testing in twentieth-century Britain.

# 6.“We Blush to Say Many Things which we do not Blush to Write.”
Speaker: Piyel Haldar. Senior Lecturer in the School of Law at Birkbeck College, University of London. Managing editor of Law and Critique and author of Law, Orientalism and Postcolo- nialism: the Jurisdiction of the Lotus Eaters (Routledge, 2007). Currently working on another book examining the symbolic importance of animals in iconography, the medieval bestiary, legal trials and other didactic forms.

#7.“Title: Paul, you are neglecting your shoes.”
Speaker: Paul Buck. Poet and a translator. Editor of the seminal magazine Curtains in the 1970’s and the author of a high number of independently books among them: Pimot (1968), Lust (1976), Violations (1979), Walking into Myself (1995), Lisbon (2002), Spread Wide (2006) a collection of correspondences with Kathy Acker.

#8.ONEIRON (or how a dream machine works actually.) (5th of July 2011.)
Speaker: Mark Von Schlegell. Art critic and writer of theory and science fiction. Author of the novels Venusia (2005, Semiotexte), Mercury Station (2009, Semiotexte) and New Dystopia (2011, Sternberg Press), as well as the critical works Realometer: American Romance (Merve Verlag, 2009) and Dreaming the Mainstream (Merve Verlag, forthcoming 2011). Along with regular contributions to periodicals like Artforum, Parkett, The Rambler and Art/Text.