HIS HEAD, Gasworks, London


The commissioned project HIS HEAD (2014) consisted of two parts: A clay sculpture of a decapitated head, installed in the group exhibition Late Barbarians,  Gasworks Gallery, London (Jan.,-March., 2014) and a symposium addressing divergent connotations of the male human head. Contributions from Niels Henriksen, a PhD candidate at Princeton University, Joachim Hamou and Thomas Boutoux, both members of castillo/corrales in Paris.

On the basis of his thesis research on the radical archaeology of Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914-1973), Niels Henriksen’s presentation focused on the medieval stone carving of “the double head” from Jorn’s personal image archive. Joachim Hamou and Thomas Boutoux, applied their interests in French political anthropologist Pierre Clastres (1934-1977) and the theory of the “headless leader” to questions surrounding the role of the state in the current production of art in France.