Sidsel Meineche Hansen is hacking the pornographic body. POST-matter, review by Hannah Gregory

“Scrolling through Eva’s ‘user manual’ I discovered the ‘morph function’ of her vagina and I started to think about the gendering of 3D objects and the role of the female avatar in adult games and 3D porn. [...] Eva v3.0 features in one of the first 3D adult games for VR called Xstory Player, where you can interact with the Eva alias ‘Samantha’ through very basic commands. If you press ‘P’, for example, a white erect dick enters the frame from a first person perspective. Besides stating the obvious about white patriarchy in adult gaming and tech, I became interested in hacking the virtual pornographic body by appropriating preexisting elements from VR porn – genitalia props and pre-animated pose sets.” Read more>